Thursday, March 27, 2008

Im penguin of the month!


Anonymous said...

who cares? it was like that for me too. if u were on a penguin called Example123 it would have said that Example123 won. DUH

cailin jukes says said...

hiya i only become a penguin before xmas and ive really enjoyed my time it wouldnt be that good do if that penguin didnt save clubpenguin for boringness thx u for this wonderfull web site and the roller coasters inside it from
pinkywings2 skygil and pigcorby these r a clubpenguin names because we dont want to use our one

tiarni says said...

hiya i really love clubpenguin its the bested site that i had ever been on it would be really better if u changed the HQ a bit its a bit boreding it would be better if u do that from skygil