Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fiesta Party!!!!

Winter Fiesta's coming up soon!! I wonder if they'll have the maracas again... Its weird having a fiesta in winter isnt it?? Anyway, YPPs, if you're here, can you link to my page? PLEASE!!! Sorry.


Shanti said...

We already have!

And in answer to your comment on our site, i dunno if youd read yhe answer there so i thought id put it here as well:

I'd love to meet you on CP sometime - but where in the world do you live because Holly Amy Owen and I all live in englad so if we meet by the CP clock it could only be sometime between 9am and 8pm UK time which is I think is 1am and 12pm CP clock time. Sorry if that is inconvenient. When during that time would suit you?

We now have 469 signatures, i think we may try and get 500 before we send it in, that may take sometime but hopefully we'll send it sooner rather than later.

And no your comments arent annoying I enjoy reading them.

Shanti said...

Shall we say 10 am CP time zone then? in 3/4 hour if you get this by that time. At the iceberg on the server mittens in the UK? Thats what i go on.

I hope you get this and can come. If not then ill see you for your party - im staying up! One question though, which server is it on?

Yeah England is in europe - but i reckon your luckier in the USA I've always wanted to go there! I can't believe you have snow, thats awesome its raining here!

Seeya then then
Your Friend,
Shanti (Willowpus)

Wyatt (Wjc0906) said...

I'll go on when its not full!