Saturday, January 12, 2008

News- Finally!!!

Ever notice the sign in the window of the secret agent HQ that says "Crab Thing Almost Finished"? Maybe there's a new mission soon.... Also the new play at the stage is cool! My favorie part is the Switchbox 3000 or whatever. I like how you can make a car EXPLODE!!!!


LOL!! What is your favorite thing about the Switchbox 3000?
P.S. YPP's, if you're here, HI!! (I like Cake!!! LOL! That mekes me laugh SO much!) When did you guys start CP?


Wyatt (Wjc0906) said...

Hi Guys! Waz Up?

Shanti said...

Hi! About a year ago - Holly told me and then I told Amy. We only found out recently that by coincidence Owen started it in the same week! Howeve our site has only been running since september last year.

and I DO like cake - why i said it was cos i brought a cake in for amys birthday and we gave slices to all these peeps at breaktime and it was FUN!