Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yellow Puffle People Came!!!

The Yellow Puffle People came to Cppuffles!!!!! :O
Hi yellow puffle people!! Thanks a TON for coming to our site!! Do you guys know Mimo777? I do a little. He'd remember me if you told him about me. I love your guys site!! Do you like mine? I wish non-members could have yellow puffles, so I signed your patition. I like your editing of Boingo. LOL!!

Next clue for party....
Tomorrow at 1:00PM cp time

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Shanti said...

Hi Again! Thanks for mentioning us! Yes of course we like you and your site! Boingo is owens puffle not mine, mine is called yidge and hollys henry! Anyway no i do not know mimo other than the fact i look at his/her fantastic site regularly and comment on it like all the other millions. If you know her/him could you ask if they will consider changing our sites rating on the ultimate link list? Cos we added it when it was a tiny site no-one looked at and mimo777 rated it snow pile (low) now we are bigger and better id wondered if there was a chance Mimo would reconsider?

Anyway I'm sure everyone at YPP join me in saying you have an awesome site and thanks for mentioning us.

Shantix (penguin name willowpus)